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Grow With Me Package

These packages are my absolute favourite! I do a little happy dance every time someone books one. It is so much fun for me to be able to watch your little one grow and explore the world. From newborn to one year we will have four sessions together, capturing all those special memories from your baby's first year.

The first session will be a newborn session which you can read all about above. 

The second session will be at 6 months. Depending on the time of year this session can take place indoors in your home or outdoors at a location of your choice. We will get lots of tummy time shots and baby may be starting to sit up on their own already so of course we will capture that as well!

The third session, three-quarters of the way through your baby’s first year, and there is hardly a trace of that tiny bundle you brought home from the hospital just nine months ago. Now your baby is a mobile and vocal adventurer. Similar to the 6-month session, this one can take place indoors or outdoors. We will get lots of images of your little one playing, laughing, and exploring the world around them.

The last session will be around baby's first birthday. As you get ready for the celebration, reminisce on the last 12 months as a time of incredible growth and development. In just a year, your baby has transformed from a completely helpless newborn into an independent little person. Thankfully you have all these images to remember it by. This session can also be indoor or outdoor. If you would like to provide a cake, we can do a cake smash. Otherwise, we can head to the park, beach or do a lifestyle in-home session. We will capture all of those special little looks that make him or her unique, play some games, and have lots of fun to celebrate baby's first year!

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